Center for
Lifelong Music Making

Why make music?

1. Experience the rapture of being alive!

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Mile of MusicChild's book, MortimerDad and babyCup song. First Nation's Cup Song. NJ Girls ChoirEmotion in a babyWhat a Wonderful WorldPitch Perfect Cup Song. PS 22 in NYCA Happy LifeIn the car"Don't fake it, feel it". Salut SalonThe Really Terrible OrchestraLittle Sally WalkerChina's Got Talent. Britain's Got TalentBritain's Got TalentKorea's Got TalentSay Ladeo5 Piano GuysAthlete musiciansDetroit Body Music. El Sistema13,500 singing! & response & highlightsHaitiPresident Obama5th gradersBoys don't singPrison songbirdsLA HS. Wizard of OzCrayolaVirtual choirEric Whitacker. CloudburstImprovBus driverBus driver2FriendsAdult bandAspiring opera singersPlayingforChangeSix-hands. Total Eclipse of the Heart. Adult beginnersThe Great Whistle-offFollow your passionSinging in the RainTechno-playing. Necessity of singing. Rock 'n' Read Project.


2. Activate your brain!
What if? Music making compared with listeningSinging Changes Your BrainMike HuckabeeNewborn babies. Your Brain on Improv. Neuroscientist Nina Kraus. Neurologist Adele DiamondNeurologist Aniruddh Patel. Brain Opera/Guitar HeroBrain development & therapyBrain & achievement. Music and emotion in the brain. Music therapy. Neuroscientist Adele Diamond.

3. Boost vitality, health, and longevity!
80-year-old pianist96-year-old grandmaOver 90 and loving it. At 99-oldest Barbershop singerA "Man Band"The Dancing HeartBritain's Got TalentYoung@HeartHarmonica ManMayo ClinicSongbird seniors. Nurse anesthesiologists. Sing for Your LifeWellness93-yr-old conductorOdetta - Music Has Power AwardsKirtan chanting.

4. Heal!
Gabby Giffords re-learns speechGabby Giffords2In hospitalMusic as therapyMusic reactivates a brainSinging after double lung transplantThe Choir with No NameDr. Oz & heart surgery patientsSinging activates speech in stroke patientSinging for the brain--dementiaStroke patient relearns how to talkAbout stroke & singingBrain injury miracleAlzheimer'sIpods for Alzheimer'sHenry.  Parkinson'sSinging YogaMental healthMusic has PowerMusic making for healingDrummingFrequenciesSound healingTuning fork healing Autism and music making.

5. Develop your music intelligence!
Poems with toddlers. Dudamel: Let the Children PlayDown, Down, BabyBaby singing with momBaby singing with dadBaby matching pitchSinging with your babyBody Music3-yr-old conductorMinnesota TwinsHey, JudePlayground gamesNative AmericanNorwegian Saami yoikingSacred harp singingPolynesianKenyan childrenAustralian aboriginal songTuvan throat singingHow-to sing--Bobby McFerrinKids composingSinging as a careerCongenital amusia-inability to process music.

6. It's a human right!
MusicCorpsEngland's Sing UpMore Sing Up. NYC Voice Charter School. Sidney Lanier SchoolMusic Saves Venezuela's Children6th grade boys (watch to the end)All cultures. 5th GradePS22 ChorusPatrick Henry Hughes. Wild Things BandDrumlineNational Anthem singerWhy music instruction for every child in schools?

7. Keep spirit alive!
Firefighters calm child. Tibet in SongGospel for TeensThe Rap DocNew Afghan music schoolsThey Played for Their LivesSongs of Defiance. President ObamaWe Shall Overcome historysongPete Seeger's 90th birthdayThe Singing RevolutionPublic protest. Education Protest.

8. Be human!
Humans are the only species (other than some birds) that can keep a steady beat create music. 
Music and the BrainThrough a Dog's EarBedtime for PuppiesSnowball, a cockatooGroucho, a parrotMusic and human evolutionJazz for cows.

9. Strengthen community!
VenezuelaLatviaChinese music in the parkSing-alongs20 pianos in the streetsYoung womenElders' Wisdom: Children’s SongU.S.A. national anthemCanada's national anthemGreek hockey teamChorusFolk songs teach history.

10. Raise reading and math achievement!
PlanetRead in IndiaSinging+tech boost readingDrum patterns and math. Brain researchMinneapolis News. Education through MusicA Case for Music Education.

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