Center for
Lifelong Music Making
Want to Teach Reading and Math?
Try Singing!

Thank you for teaching one of the best classes I have ever taken!

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Want to Teach Reading and Math? Try Singing!
1 semester credit available through Hamline University
Graduate Continuing Education

Learn highly interactive strategies and collaboratively create lessons to cross-train the brain and dramatically raise achievement by practicing math and reading skills through singing, playing games, and research-based Affirming Parallel Concepts™.


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InstructorsElizabeth Olson, Ph.D. is a recently retired Minneapolis Public Schools music teacher. She created, researched and published the Affirming Parallel Concepts™ model. Ann C. Kay is the director of the Center for Lifelong Music Making, dedicated to fostering a musically able and active population. She is a former music educator and instructor of music teachers.


My kids…are still loving school and the singing is a big part of it. Their fluency has gone up.

Lincoln was #1 in the increase in phonemic awareness from fall to winter…of ALL the Minneapolis schools. Coincidence? I think not! I think singing!!!!!

When I applied singing…with my students it was as if a bomb of enthusiasm had struck the class (high school teacher).

This has been the most helpful class that I have ever taken that has been offered during the school year…in all the classes I have taken over my 26-year career, this class is the only class to which I have ever looked forward.

 Contact:  Ann Kay, Director 
Center for Lifelong Music Making