Center for
Lifelong Music Making
About the Center

Lifelong music making for everyone

To foster a musically able and active population

1. Launch projects to get all children singing daily and receiving music instruction
2. Research effects of music making on achievement
3. Collaborate with individuals and organizations toward the vision

Ann C. Kay started the Center for Lifelong Music Making to launch projects to get all people making music. The latest initiative is The Rock 'n' Read Project, dedicated to helping children read at grade level through singing. She also created the Great American Singing Challenge™ to help all children learn to sing in tune, a free mentoring program that pairs retired, expert teachers with new teachers. She teaches courses and workshops for classroom teachers, Want to Teach Reading and Math? Try Singing!, with Dr. Elizabeth Olson based on Olson's Affirming Parallel Concepts model.

Ann directs a choir and teaches a music class for five-year-olds for the Northfield Youth Choirs. Formerly an elementary and jr. high music teacher, Ann was also associate director of graduate music education at the University of St. Thomas where she founded and directed the Kodály approach certification program for music teachers (for 18 years) and advised MA papers. She founded the Kodály Chapter of Minnesota and served as president of both the midwest divison and the national Organization of American Kodály Educators.

Currently, she is writing a book about the extraordinary benefits of singing.

 Contact:  Ann Kay, Director 
Center for Lifelong Music Making